Your voice counts double – for all those who don’t speak up

Thirteen years before, I still was a student that time I’ve heart an unbelievable story in TV. It told about a student from Cyprus living in England who had a dog in his yard. One day he poured oil into a pan to fix some sausages. He opened the window so the dog could smell the food and would come near to the window. He called out for the dog  and when the little fellow came closer to the scent, the student poured the hot oil all over him. Screaming and whining from pain the frightend dog ran away followed by the laughing student who took all the event on video. Proud of himself the student sent this video to all of his friends!

How would you react if somebody of your friends would send you such a video?

The fear to be the one who talks, the one who shows what’s going wrong, in Greece this fear is so extrem that we prefer to become mute.

An informer is somebody who tells something about somebody which harms this person.

In Greece we reached a point where nobody will tell something. even it’s hurting or damaging somebody on purpose. With this attitude we protect such people and we become complicit.

A different story:

In Syro it was recognized that the cats somebody was feeding, apparently from good intention

 were dying. One day a couraged person caught the bag with the catfood, went to the police and together with the local Ainimal Aid they made a police report. It was found that the food was actually poisened and according to this proof and the testemonies it came to the trial and he was convicted. He  lodged an appael which was finally negotiated four years later. None of the of the earlier witnesses who saw him feeding the cats was informed about the new trial.

The local community prefered to protect the offender from misunderstood sympathy for punishment and so he was acquitted.

It is not too far-fetched to say, that somebody who tortures or kills an animal today will do this someday in some way with a weaker fellow man.

There is no need of drastical means like weapons to do so. If somebody hits an animal he is proceeding violance to his environment. Knowing about such a behaviour and do not talk about it is the same as if we see somebody abusing his child or hiting his wife and doing like we don’t know nothing at all.

A human beeing has his mouth to talk for an animal this isn’t possible. If you who know about something like this don’t talk, nobody will. The animal will suffer until his final death. The dog will be abused and will cry out of pain, just like a human being. An abusing person will do such things all his life. Life and integrety ignoring and he/she can do so because you don’t talk!

You, who are afraid to speak up because it’s your neighbour and you want avoid quarrel with him or you’re afraid that he could hurt your animal afterwards. Such people have might and power until they get punished, they won’t stop without punishment.

These are really inappropriate reasons to refrain from a report because it’s of misinterpreted neighborhood care. If the good connection with your neighbour is more important to you than a life you should think a bit about your moral and ethical values. You’ll really miss the ‘Good morning” of your violent neighbour? Shouldn’t you just don’t mind if he /she don’t  want to look at you any more?

Have courarge, don’t close your eyes and most important of all, talk, speak up, your tolerance gives these people more and more power. It’s not only about abusing animals, it’s about any kind of violence which threatens our and others life, it’s about our life quality.