You too can take in a stray!

To somebody who never took in a needy dog before it seems quite difficult. But it is an offer of  priceless value which makes you a kind of addicted to. There is a big need for people to take in a stray dog and to take care of  him. Animals in need who live on the road are a daily problem. Puppies who can’t survive alone on the roads, dogs hitted by cars or sick animals who need medical care to survive, they all need our help.

Because we haven’t a collecting space for all those helpless souls they find their place to heel in the apartments, houses, farms,and estates and sometimes even on the balkonies of the volunteers. Unfortunately there aren’t enough volunteers. Most of the people who think about to take in a stray  are afraid that the dog will remain forever. Or they think, in the end they might be so attached to the animal, they can’t let go off afterwards, or a different big point is the cost.

There are answers and solutions to all these concerns. The financial side, from food to the vet cost will be taken over by us. Every single animal stays only as long as you want to keep it.

Concerning this point everybody knows his/her own possibilities but please have also an understanding for ours. If somebody calls us in the morning asking for to take the dog until the afternoon this is a big problem for us. But if we know from the start the dog can stay just a certain period of time it’s much more easy for us to get organized.

Concerting the emotional bond with the dog… it’s inevitable. Every dog you grow up with love, you care for and you give attention to will look at you with thankfulness und devotion.

For him you are his family not just a station. He becomes a part of you and it’s difficult to let go off this part again. But if we find a good forever home for this dog, people who will respect and love this four-fooded soul it’s not so difficult anymore because you know the dog will have a good life afterwards.

Like this you make the experience that you can help one dog after another. You can help to heel the soul of one more dog who suffers from abuse, one more dog who might have died lonely on the roads. If Jutta and Savas wouldn’t have cared for Robin over month, he would have never found his forever home with Evita. Probably a car would have hit him. If Waso and Evi wouldn’t have opened their home for the blind dogs Mara&Hary they wouldn’t run happily through the forests with their new families who love them so much. These two dogs would have died from hunger or illness.

Monika opened her home for Sparky and now he gets hugs from Geneofefa his new loving owner and he doesn’t need to search for food down at the river any more, or to be in danger to get poisend.

Even if it’s possible only for some days. These days are essential for a stray dog.

Think about to take in a stray, try it once and you’ll see!

I can’t describe this experience with words. You’ll see and feel it once you have saved the first suffering soul and he looks at you with love and thankfullness because you made it possible to find him an forever home.

Who wants to take in a ‘nursling’ or to get more information about the circumstances, please don’t hesitate to send us a message on our website or FB.