Sustained heat wave- what to do?

Ongoing temperatures about 40 degrees exhaust us humans, as well as our dogs.

Enough chilly water and shade where your dog can find shelter is an absolute must.

In Egio at many new corners we recognized  pots with water and we are pleased to see that the citizens become more sensitive about this point. To go one step further, don’t forget to change the water daily. Place it somewhere where its easy to get for the dog and most important of all, put it in the shadow. In the sun it gets immediatly hot and inedible for the dog. The dog who lives with us in the house we don’t take outside in the hot hours between 12-18.00 o’ clock Let him stay in the cool house.

The dogs that suffer the most are those who are chained to a tin roof under the hot sun, without a trace of shadow. In front of them a pot of  dirty boiling water beause for days, maybe weeks nobody changed it.

If you know of such an dog owner, talk to him, pull him out of his disregard. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, get in contact with us so we can interfere. During such high temperatures a lot of animals are dying a freaking death if nobody does something. The heat stroke is a big danger for the dog. The symptoms are trembling, vomiting and loss of consciousness. If you recognize such things  do not pour cold water over the dog!! This rapid temerature change would mean the sudden death for the dog. The right thing to do is to moisten a towel and to wrap it around the dog. When you are afraid of the dog at least throw the wet towel over the body of the dog and inform immediately a vet.

The summer is a beautiful season and with a little bit of precausion and care it’s also a time without danger.