Being a volunteer in the Animal Welfare of Aigialia is very difficult, especially when there is not sufficient equipment , time availability of the volunteer members or sponsors to keep us alive. Some ways of supporting our group are becoming a member and financial caring.

  • Annual Financial Needs

The animal needs are too many and all that goes with the corresponding financial expenses. We are happy about the fact that every year more and more people learn about our welfare , but this also means that the incidents of wounded animals increase and this makes the expeses even bigger. Maybe this continuous financial reference seems too mundane ,but it is very real

There are needs in food, medication, de-fleaing, neutering, vaccination, operations – orthopedic operations in Aigialia are more than in Patra which is the biggest city in the district – and less obvious the pet transport boxes, leashes, transport and broshure expeses. In 2017 our debt reached the 35.000€, while an amount of it is still amortised . 

  • Why to become a member?

The membership fee is 20Euro annually. This amount corresponds to a bag of food for a dog of 25 kg in the month. Or 4 puppies vaccinations against typhus, or half the money of a male sterilization, or the cost of the gasoline we need to go  to an injured dog and to bring him to the vet, or it might be useful for the treatment costs of an operated animal. The application areas are huge. Without membership fees, our action potential is much more limited than  the reality demands. Regular support is our most important help.

 Every three month our members get informed about our activities and about Animal Aid in general.

Everybody is welcome to help us in this important financial part as much as they want.

  • How can you become a member ?

You can fill in Member Form and support us with the 20€ annual subscription in our account in any way you want (bank deposit, e-bankingpaypal).S



IBAN GR50 0172 5130 0055 1308 9073 133 , Piraeus Bank.

Then you will recieve by post our member card and newsletter. Every 4 months you will be kept updated about our actions. If you are located in Greece you can also fill in our Volunteer Form and help us make our work even bigger !

  • Financial caring for a dog- why does that help?

There are so many strays around and the people who want to adopt such a dog are rare.

A lot of these dogs can’t remain on the streets but due to the costs they can’t stay in foster families forever. Our attitude towards strays has changed over the time but most of the people still want to have a small fuzzy white dog, which is 100% healthy.

 All the ‘likes’ and sad emojies under the pictures of handicaped, blind, old and ill dogs are not helping at all to find forever homes for those helpless souls. It might seem unbelieveable but 10Euro monthly makes a big change in the life quality of these dogs as well as for their options to get adopted in a loving family.

  • How do the financial caring works?

Basically it’s the 10Euro for food & prevention of a dog for whom we couldn’t take care otherwise.

Thus the Belgian  shepherd named Velgos and his friend Kardoula can live together, even though the possibility of an adoption is very small. The hind legs of the shepherd are paralysed and Kardoula has leishmaniasis. They both need each other, and if they are seperated they are much worse, they give each other a kind of quality in life. On the basis of the financial caring of Marilena for both dogs, the two can live together in the kennel and who knows… maybe one day there comes along this ‘special family’ who wants to give this two souls a forever home.


Due to the financial caring it’s possible for Jerome to stay alive. Jerome is a very old, deaf and blind dog who lives in a foster home where he is loved and cared for because Maria gives the financial support for Jerome. Like this or somehow similar are the histories of the five dogs which are financially cared for yet.

Besides the time you need to take care for a dog which is difficult to adopt, you can see t that here is something happening to the dog.You will recognize a kind of change in his energy. This change happens to both of you – due to your caring. And this regardless if you actually see or feed the dog you are giving the financial support to. To care for something always makes a change in life!

The financial caring was established last summer. Since then we found forever homes for three dogs nobody ever asked for before. The fact that somebody cares for a stray helps in a big way to find a good forever family for these homeless dogs.

If you want to help a stray but you don’t have enough space or time think about the finanacial caring for a dog.

With 10Euro monthly you can make a big change in the life of a strays soul.

If you think it’s worth to do it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.