Start into the summer

The temperature is raising and as well as we are caring about our safety to pass this hot season we have to  take care for our dog. There are three things we have to mind of:

  • the dewormng is necessary more often than once every three month in the summertime
  • the Flea and Tick prevention in ampoule form, spray or pill depending on what kind you prefer
  • Vaccination against leishmaniasis if the dog is healthy. Zylapour or Leishguard if the dog is infected and the collar against the mosquito who transfers the leishmaniasis

The free access to fresh water and shade is a basic condition.

And because we are no doctors all the above is just a hint and knowledge which we gained from a lot of incidents in our Animal Aid. It’s a red line, a reminder to what you have to have in mind when you are a dog owner. For all further questions according to the needs of your animal your vet is pleased to give you more informations.