Provision is better than forbearance

When the summer comes to an end it is a good time for the check-up for your dog, to see how is the health of your little four-fooded friend. Because of the costs it’s not so easy for everbody to make  a general check-up. But it might be possible to make at least a test for leishmaniasis  and erlichia. These two deseases are most common in the dogs. The leishmaniose is transferred by a special kind of mosquito, the erlichia by a tick bite. Due to the climate conditions in Greece these both desease we see very often. One in three dogs suffers from leishmaniasis  every second dog falls ill with erlichia. Both deseases lead to severe problems even to the death of the dog. However, if they are diagnosed early, their treatment is easy to manage and the worst consequences are avoided.

The easy test costs about 20,-Euro and can save your dog a lot of annoyance and problems. September is a good month for this inspection. It’s not so hot anymore, parasites, mosquitos do not burden the organism of the dog anymore.

Precausion is better then forbearance, like this you’ll have always a lot of fun with your hairy litte friend.