How can we protect our dog?

The well known collar against insects, which, accoring to the brand claims to keep away different kind of insects, is recommended during those month. As well there are ampouls which protect against flees and tics and can keep away this mosquito also. A different kind of protection works with a medicine you have to give to your animal over a certain period of time. A vaccination against leishmaniasis is also possible.Basic condition for the vaccination is that the animal isn’t infected yet. It gives your animal a 70% protection and after the primary vaccination  you have to repeat it once a year to much less cost. A further very well known and easy way of protection offers Citronella. Apply a little bit of it at the parts without hair, there where the mosquitos prefers to sting.

 During the night we take our dog inside the house  and if we put some aromatic plants like Basil and Lavender in our yard we’ll minimize the ocurrence of the mosquito in our direct surrounding.

None of the mentioned methods promises 100% protection but together it gives quite a good safeguard.

Don’t forget about the test for leishmainiasis once a year. November is a good time for the check because the active time of the ‘dangerous’ mosquito is finished. A early diagnosis avoids a lot of unpleasent consequences. Some dogs show external symtoms like bald spots, wounds that don’t close or a dry nose. Other dogs seems external completely OK but inside the organs are shutting down.

That’s why the yearly test is so important. If your dog is infected the control of the desease should be continued consequently all the dogs life time. With the right therapy your dog will live a lot of further years without to have a limitation in his life quality. Leishmaniasis does not dissapaer, but it is crucial if the desease is active or not, so don’t forget about the test.

An infected dog does not differ in anything from a healthy dog. He has the same drive to play, makes the same mischief, he defends his territory and lives without problems ( always in mind the early diagnosis!).

If you think about to adopt a dog which is infected don’t get scared. My dog has Leishmaniasis and I would change him with no other dog in the world. I have a good vet whom I trust and I do consequently what he tells me to.