Clarification on leishmaniasis

What we hear often is that nobody wants to take a dog with leishmaniasis. All of them know somebody who had a dog which died due to this desease.

 Let’s take a look at what we can do to protect our dog and what we can do if he is infected. Leishmaniasis isn’t an easy illness but if is diagnosed early it is easy to treat.

Leishmaniasis is being transferred by a certain mosquito which is very common in our hot and sometimes humid areas. If the mosquito s stings an already infected dog the desease, after the incubation period, gets transferred to any further animal that is stung by the mosquito.

This kind of mosquito has it’s high season in the summer months. From March to Oktober during the afternoon hours the mosquito is most active. It stings only animals and the probability that a human gets stung is extremly rare.

The incubation period compared to the life expectation of the mosquito which has stung an infected animal makes it nearly impossible that in the same household someone else is stung.