About us

We are a group of volunteers who cares for the welfare of animals. Our aim is the emprovement of the life conditions of strays as well as dogs who have a home.

We are organizing sterilizations, take over medical care, convey adoptions, we are informing and we report abuse at the police.The Animal Welfare Association Aigialia is a non-profit organization that is not funded by any public institution or municipality. Our income comes mainly from donations.

Actions like our bazaar at Easter and Christmas, the beach-party and our Animal Welfare piggy banks we placed in the local shops are further sources of revenue. We are active in the area of Aigialia, the biggest municipally of the Peleponnes. That’s why we have al ot of locations to take care for.

 In 2007 the Animal Welfare association was founded in Akrata and since September 2013 extended to the Animal Welfare association Aigialia.

What are we doing?

To put it in annual numbers:


-350 sterilazations of strays

-40 big operations

-100 adoptions

-250 therapies of severe deseases

-500 vaccinations

-600  interventions in severe mistreatment of which some leads to complaints at the police and ends at court


These numbers are raising every year causing further needs and obligations.Our goal for the future is to be even more active in the information part because prevention is more important than healing.

Our contribution and what can everybody do :


We can help you to become helpful. We can’t take away the stray in front of your door, but we can try to find a home for him if you’ll help and take care of him until then. We can’t take the puppies that your dog gave birth to, but we can search for good homes for these little souls. And most important of all, we can help you to sterilize you dog, so you don’t have the same ‘problem’ six month later again. We can’t run to every accident with an animal, but we can help you with informations what you have to do now. We can’t save the abused dog inyour neighborhood if you are not ready to testify against him at the police and maybe take in the hurted being for a while until we find a good home.The telephone transmission of a problem does not mean that it has been solved but it is an important first step. Together we can approach the solution if you are ready.