A quiet & peaceful walk

If your daily doggy walk means stress to you because there is always a different dog around, there are some things which might help.

First of all, your dog need to gain self-confidence, not to react aggressiv to other dogs.If he gets upset about something try to take his focus, distract him from the other dog. Give him a treat that he does not get that often and reward him verbally when he comes to you right away.

Sometimes it takes a while to teach the dog not to respond to any excitement. Don’t get dissapointed

at some point the encounter with other dogs works out. Try it with somebody who has a calm dog. Let him come near to yours so they can sniff each other, always in mind if your dog shows any sign of jumpiness. Once that’s the case, turn his attention to you again. With patience, endurance, treats and a lot of love it’ll work well finally and the walk together will be a pleasure for both of you.