4th of April- day of the strays

For all the homeless souls.

For every existence, who streams around the corners without knowing where to go.

For everyone, to whom food and  shelter is so uncertain.

For everybody who has a lack of love and attention.

All of us we are homeless until we have found our home. That home where people we love do live not because they are our family but because we have the same spirit, we feel the same joy.

Nobody chooses homelessness, nobody wants to move around, constantly in fear of kicks, thrown stones or different catastrophies.

For every of this homeless souls somebody else, somebody stronger is responsible.

The one who doesn’t sterilize his dog, the one who dumps the puppies without a second thought. The one who just feels it’s too much to care for his/her dog any more. Who puts the dog into the car and drives him as far as possible and abandons him somewhere in the nowhere, chained to a tree, so the dog can’t come back.

The one who throws the bombs just to destroy life.

The abandoned dogs remain for days, often weeks at the place,  exactly there where they left alone. They’re waiting faithfully for their family coming back to take them in again. They start hunting the cars because they search for the one who abandoned them.

The first of this kind of stories I’ve listened was about a German shepherd somebody left chained in a park.When somebody found him he was aged and dehydrated. The owners chained him up because with every earlier try to get rid of him. the dog always found his way back to home.

How inhumane is such a behavior!

The homeless life is not easy and for sure it’s not nice. All those who care about these homeless souls, those who give them food and water, who care about their health, bringing them medicine, who pet them and talk friendly to them, all those people give these homeless souls a little bit of light and hope.

Nevertheless, the lonely life of the strays remains sad.

How do these dogs go on every further day, how do they experience every new day?

It’ s the hope that keeps them alive. The hope for a home where they finally find love, happiness and peace with somebody who really cares for them. It’s the solace, which keeps them going and eventually leads them into a forever home.

Today let’s think a little bit more about all strays, dogs, cats, homeless persons, all beings and souls out there who have no home. They might have found their home or not, these souls know how diffifult is the life on the road, how difficult it is to find a home.

Don’t just pass the strays- what they do need most of all is a little bit of love!