Why should I accommodate?

 Accommodating a stray animal can give it the time it needs to find the family that is right for it. When you open your house for it, not only you can give it this chance, but you also protect it from the dangers of the streets: cars, animal poison, hardships, hunger, thirst. At the same time you help it socialize, trust people again, and not feel afraid- you help it find peace.
Please know that if you want to help but have no other way to do it, accommodation is a never-ending need and a big source of stress for volunteers. The number of abandoned stray dogs, puppies thrown away, and injured animals is enormous and ever-growing. We seek a home for all those animals, but first we look for accommodation. Without it chances of a better future are very small. You can be the one to stand behind the door that will open for them and offer them a temporary, or even their first ever, home, a life with dignity that every animal is entitled to.

What must I consider before I accommodate?

 If you’re thinking of accommodating an animal, there are a few questions that must be answered to successfully make it work:
  •  (in case other people live in the house)- Do they agree on accommodating? If not, can I take the burden of its care alone?
  •  (in case you live in an appartment building or rent a house)- Are there rules or restrictions?
  • (in case you have other animals in the house)- How do they react when they meet a new animal? If they don’t accept it, how can I handle it?
  •  (in case the dog/cat needs medicine or a specific kind of therapy)- Can I cope with it?
  •  Where will I keep it?
  • How long will I be able to keep it?
 The Accommodation Application Form will help you make certain you can do it. Animal accommodation is a difficult experience, but that feeling when the animal to which you gave your space and your time finally finds the family it deserves is indescribable. You have saved a life in one of the most important ways.

How many animals can I accommodate?

 In theory, as many as you wish. The only restriction lies in appartment buildings that do not allow animals, so according to the law you can have up to 2 animals. In practice, however, you can only accommodate as many animals as your lifestyle permits, so long as they are not ill-treated. 
All animal societies and shelters call for accommodations because they have a common problem: space. Some don’t even try because they think they will still be left with yet another animal, some don’t want to change their way of things, some because they think someone else will take care of it. Some, on the other hand, do the complete opposite of that: even though they have enough animals already, they can’t stand the idea of one being in need and take on another. 
What is important is that the first try to overcome themselves and give an animal that is right for them a chance, and the second put a stop, because a person’s strength has a limit too and an animal that lives in a filthy environment with lack of exercise (because of the person’s lack of available time if he/she takes care of many animals) does not live well.
If you feel you truly want to help an animal by accommodating it, you need to realistically assess the time you can give, possible reactions from the other people you live with, and the time you spend away from home. We can help you with that. If we all accommodated an animal in need, there would not be others that do it beyond their capacity, pushing themselves and the animals to their limits.
Fill in the Accommodation Application Form and help an animal too!